About Us

Konwworld International Agricultural science and technology co., LTD., founded in 2007, the company is committed to the modern agriculture ecological park, farms, the base of the planning, construction, management, technology consultation, on the improvement of crop yields, and reduce pesticide residues, improve food safety, nutrition, the development of organic food, soil improvement, environment protection and restoration in the areas of research, is the collection scientific research, production, management, and other professional services, franchise chain in the agricultural, biological field of high-tech enterprises.

Since its establishment, with Europe and the United States, southeast Asia and other agricultural technology leader in the state, enterprises and scientific research experts long-term cooperation and common development, especially in 2009, the company with Taiwan life science research, biotechnology experts professor CAI and cooperation, and jointly developed looking "magnetic energy, power" series of biological fertilizer, after five years of marketing, the crops early sexual, yield, disease resistance, resistance, commercial, color, texture, etc have significantly improved, by experts at home and abroad and the users (Beijing, tianjin, northeast, north China and shandong shouguang vegetable, daejeon, fruit base) of the consistent high praise. In 2013 won the national invention patent, and at the same time in the national high-tech development zone of yantai china-russia science park, set up "yantai north hope biotechnology co., LTD.". Company established a high-tech research and development center and inspection center, and according to the standardized production process is equipped with automatic production lines, research and development production "at magnetic energy, power" series of fertilizer, biological agents, series of biology, Chinese herbal medicine pesticide, high-tech products, such as automatic degradation liquid membrane for food safety, environmental protection, soil improvement, heavy metal pollution such as agricultural land problem to provide a full range of solutions, the company all hope people expected to achieve low carbon agriculture, environmental protection, agriculture, safety agriculture, green agriculture, agricultural science and technology. In the struggle for the sustainable development of modern agriculture.